Thank you to all our presenters...

Ed Richardson VE4EAR
Grounding and Safety Around the Ham Shack

Barry Malowanchuk VE4MA
Working DX Above 6M

BJ Madsen VE5FX
RAC Presentation and Information Session

Gerry Hull W1VE
Introdction to HF and Operating Techniques

Jessy Blanchette VE4JBB
Introduction to FT8

Gord Kosmenko VE6SV
Contesting and VE6SV Station Tour

Derek Hay & Group VE4HAY
VHF/UHF Digital Modes Review
Dan VE4DRK, William VE4VR, Derek VE4HAY, Mark VE4MAB

VE6SV Panel
Ask the Experts Panel (VE4MA, VE4EAR, VE4CDX, VE4GV)

William Franzin VE4WZ
VA4WAN Presentation

100's of years of engineering and amateur radio knowledge in one room

Winnnipeg Amateur Radio Club