Getting Your Amateur Radio Certificate..

If you are reading this page in all likelihood you are interested in becoming an Amateur Radio Operator otherwise known as a HAM. Well, you've come to the right place. Amateur radio is a great hobby that covers a lot of ground (so to speak). There is something for everyone.

Basic Course 23 ... - Is NOW Accepting Applications

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In addition, there are also several online courses offered by clubs across the country. To get started, we recommend that you purchase a copy of the Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Operators Qualification Study Guide by Coax publications by sending us an email to, or you can visit Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) to obtain a copy.

Visit the RAC's web site to find out when the next online course they sponsor is being offered. Contact them directly and keep in mind they usually fill up very quickly! You will also find a lot of useful information at which lists course offerings from clubs across the country.

VE3YT has a "Successful Guide to the Basic Exam" focused directly on the exam material, which might take the place of a course for a motivated candidate. It is available from He may teach a Zoom Basic course if there is sufficient interest. For more information email Vic at

Other good online training: (Radio Aamateur du Quebec Inc.)

One very important component of your studies is Industry Canada's practice exam generator Industry Canada is the federal government's department overseeing amateur radio. You should do these practice exams daily whether you self-study or take a course. When you feel confident, and you are scoring consistently over 90% on the practice exams, please contact us to arrange your exam. There is also a list of other examiners on if we can't find a workable day/time.

If you are interested in obtaining your Advanced qualification, WARC, unfortunately does not offer this course. We suggest you contact RAC as they do periodically offer an Advanced course. Keep in mind that as with the Basic course - it fills up very quickly. WARC does however make available for purchase the Canadian Amateur Radio Advanced Operators Qualification Study Guide from Coax Publications. You can purchase it by sending us an email to, or you can visit Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) to obtain a copy.

WARC Currently has the following Coax Publishing study guides for sale...

9th Edition Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide

Basic Qualification Study Guide is $65.00 (Canadian Dollars)

New 3rd printing 2019, this Study Guide covers and explains all topics and concepts that appear in the current ISED examination. This new printing has been compared to the current ISED question bank and covers all questions. Contains 342 pages

2nd Edition Canadian Amateur Radio Advanced Qualification Study Guide

Advanced Qualification Study Guide is $65.00 (Canadian Dollars)

This 2nd printing of the Advanced Study Guide was updated in 2019 and contains far more information than required just to write the examination. It is designed to provide context to the exam questions and an introduction to modern communications electronic at a beginner level.

Contains 300 pages.

Once you have placed your order we will contact you via e-mail to arrange pick-up/delivery. You can write to Drago at to make arrangements.

Feel free to stay in touch and ask questions we are here to help you get started and grow in this fabulous hobby!

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