Field Day 2017...

VE4BB will be on air for 24 hours!
1 PM Saturday, June 24 to 1 PM Sunday, June 25, 2017

Field Day is a chance for the public to come and see Amateur Radio operators in action as they set up their stations in public places like parks and schoolyards and communicate with each other around the globe with methods from Morse Code to satellite or Moon-Bounce.

- see Ham radio's latest developments

- digital, satellite, internet linking - learn what it takes to get your own Amateur Radio Certificate.

- Can you text faster than a Ham can send Morse code? - Come take the challenge! 

The WARC 2017 Field Day will be held at Camp Amisk

Check out Derek VE4HAY's video of our 2015 Field Day site - Click Here

Saturday evening Field Day 2015 Photos by Mark VE4MAB - Click Here

Some of our previous Field Day Operators....


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