Field Day 2016...

VE4BB will be on air for 24 hours!
1 PM Saturday, June 25 to 1 PM Sunday, June 26, 2016

Field Day is a chance for the public to come and see Amateur Radio operators in action as they set up their stations in public places like parks and schoolyards and communicate with each other around the globe with methods from Morse Code to satellite or Moon-Bounce.

- see Ham radio's latest developments

- digital, satellite, internet linking - learn what it takes to get your own Amateur Radio Certificate.

- Can you text faster than a Ham can send Morse code? - Come take the challenge! 

This years Field Day will see us return to the basics, as some might call it "old school".

We will be setting up at a new location this year, and look forward to the challenges and benefits it offers. This years Field Day for WARC will be held at Camp Amisk, which is the year round camping and activity site for Scouts Canada, just south of the Perimeter Hwy, but is still inside the city of Winnipeg limits. A map Click Here, should guide you to the site. We have the site from Friday, till Sunday late afternoon. So anyone who wishes to camp there is free to do so for the two nights, starting Friday evening.

The theme is "back to basics" this year, and it is just what it implies. We will be using rapidly deploy-able, easy to carry equipment, that require a maximum of two people to set up. Meaning wire antennas, verticals, magnetic loops, buddy poles, and any other portable system that can be used in a real emergency that is fast and easy to set up. That means we will be leaving the tower behind this year.

We still encourage as many amateurs to come out for the set up, and to get on the air, but this year the focus will be on keeping it simple, and having fun.

In that light, of having fun, we are planning a BBQ meet n greet for Saturdays supper. We will have a number of barbecues available for you to grill you favourite food, from hot dogs to chicken or steak. So it you will need to bring your own provisions, and drinks (non-alcoholic as this is a scouts camp), and take this as an opportunity to just relax and get together with your fellow hams. Bring a lawn chair, and a cooler, and relax.

If the skies are clear, their will be a star gazing presentation by myself Peter Toth VE4TTH. Every year I am the guest presenter at several provincial camp grounds, where I give the campers a guided tour of the night sky, using a high powered laser to point out the constellations and important stars. Afterwards I will have my 10 inch deep sky telescope set up, and will aim it at some of the more interesting things in the night sky that should make you go "wow". All the while we will have communications going on in the radio shack, so if you want to have a sit down and make a few contacts as VE4BB, just for the heck of it, you will be more than welcome.

If you have a "Go To" setup that you wish to test out, either on generator, solar power, or just on batteries, you are more than welcome to come out and blow the dust off that rig and try your skills at making a few contacts for yourself with your portable rig. With other hams around, you can count on help if you need it, and when it works flawlessly, you will have an audience with which to brag too! That alone is worth the short trip.

So come on down June 25th and 26th for the WARC Field Day, Be there for the BBQ Saturday evening, stay for the astronomy tour of the sky, or join in the fun and bring your camper for the weekend.

Peter Toth VE4TTH

The WARC 2016 Field Day will be held at Camp Amisk

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