Field Day 2022...

After an absence of two years, the Winnipeg Amateur Radio club is happy to announce that WARC will once again be active in ARRL Field at ....

St. Vital Park - Site 1
Saturday and Sunday June 25th-26th

Find it on Google Maps - Click Here

Setup will begin 9am Saturday morning.
We require volunteers to assist with antennas and station operation.

NOTE: We need to know how many will be attending so that we can plan meals and order food. Please email: to let us know you will be attending.

Please remember to bring your own seating

Planning for the station and antennas is well underway for this exciting club event.  

WARC Field Day is designed for all club members but is open to all.  Bring your friends and family to a wonderful picnic-in-the-park. Try your hand at some Field Day fun and making contacts across North America.  

We are also looking for teams of volunteers to help build the stations, antennas and facilities.  If you have time Saturday and or Sunday morning, please let a member of the WARC Executive or Field Day committee know your schedule.

Most of us who are licensed today got our first taste of ham radio at a club Field Day.  This year is no exception.  Watch for further announcements and then come join the fun!

Check This Page For Upcoming Details

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Field Day is a chance for the public to come and see Amateur Radio operators in action as they set up their stations in public places like parks and schoolyards and communicate with each other around the globe with methods from Morse Code to satellite or Moon-Bounce.

- see Ham radio's latest developments

- digital, satellite, internet linking - learn what it takes to get your own Amateur Radio Certificate.

- Can you text faster than a Ham can send Morse code? - Come take the challenge!

Some of our previous Field Day Operators....

Winnnipeg Amateur Radio Club