WARC's Lending Library

Here is the list of items currently available from the WARC lending library...

1. ICOM IC-7300 SDR transceiver, with desk and hand mics, requires 12V PS of 20A or more
2. Heil Proset iC headset for ICOM radios, others that provide phantom power to electret mic
3. Coax and powercord crimper and dies for several cable types and 3 sizes of PowerPole
4. homebrew but very stable 13V 12A power supply, PowerPoles
5. code practice oscillator with 3.5mm jack and bare wire input
6. MFJ-557 straight key and code practice oscillator combo
7. unknown straight key
8. J37 straight key
9. MFJ-296C antenna analyzer, VHF/HF
10. ICOM IC-28H VHF Transceiver, hand mic; requires 13V 10A pwr supply and 2m antenna
11. Weston 5KV VOM, could use new 48V dry cell for high voltage range, but working otherwise, comes with high-voltage leads
12. Gould 2-ch 20MHz oscilloscope, needs service
13. Leader 2-ch 100MHz oscilloscope, needs service, shares a set of leads with the Gould
14. Ameco CPO
15. Heathkit CPO
16. Three various straight keys
17. A Multi-Radio USB Programming Cable 0 should fit most HTs

All above are in the lending library under VE4DLA and can be signed out for 7 days by any paid-up Member by prior arrangement with me. Prompt return is required under penalty to be determined. Only contact method is email to ve4dla@gmail.com

Also available at longer notice are:
1. Panasonic laptops, 4 units, WinXP and contesting software installed
2. Linksys Wireless Access Point
3. D-Link Wireless Router

These are with VE4TTH and can be signed out by paid-up Members for contest use by prior arrangement with him. E-mail ve4tth@gmail.com



Winnnipeg Amateur Radio Club