Was held Sunday, June 2, 2019

Thank you everyone for coming out and making the WARC Centennial Hamfest and Conference an overwhelming success! Thank you to all the volunteers who worked various areas of the hamfest, and thank you to our speakers!

I would like to congratulate and thank VE4EA Cary Rubenfeld - much of what you saw today was a result of his vision and perseverance. To line up such a high quality roster of presenters, and to round up such fantastic prizes, is absolutely no small feat and you should be commended!! He makes a mighty fine announcer too!

And to the rest of the planning committee, thank you for all of your hard work, it's definitely paid off. It's definitely time for everyone to sit back and put their feet up for a few hours!

73 Bill VE4BEF

Prize Draw Winners List

50/50 Draw - Kelly Blanchette

SA #1 - Dan Zelich
SA #2 - Gerry Hull W1VE
SA #3 - Brian Konopski VE4KON
SA #4 - Melissa Fleury
SA #5 - Hill Taylor
SA #6 - Gerry Hull W1VE

Raffle Prize Winners
1st Prize - Icom IC-7300 - Dale Clark
2nd Prize - Icom IC-2730 - Jonathon Straub W0JS
3rd Prize - $200 Radio World Gift Card - Hill Taylor VE4TP

(*1) Lottery Licence # LGCA 5179-RF31414
(*2) Lottery Licence # LGCA 5179-RF-31574

Please note that for 2019 this will be our only flea market event

Winnnipeg Amateur Radio Club