The "Worked All Winnipeg Award"...

    The "Worked All Winnipeg Award" is sponsored by the Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club Inc. It is awarded to an Amateur Radio Operator to recognize his/her outstanding achievement in having accomplished two way communications with the required number of VE4/VA4 radio stations located within the City of Winnipeg.

    The award is a truly beautiful certificate, on parchment paper stock. It features drawings along the borders, which shows many of the attractions of the City of Winnipeg, along with our provincial emblem.

    The Rules:

    1) Stations within Manitoba, including the City of Winnipeg, must work at least 25 different Winnipeg stations to qualify.
    2) Stations outside Manitoba, but within North America, must work at least 15 different Winnipeg stations to qualify.
    3) Stations outside North America must work a minimum of 10 different Winnipeg stations to qualify.
    4) Any band and any mode may be used, but all contacts between two individual stations must be direct contacts. (repeater contacts are not allowed)
    5) All contacts from January 1, 1956 are acceptable.
    6) QSL cards are not required. A certified COPY of your log book, with the signatures of two other Hams who have checked your log, is all that is necessary.

    This copy should be mailed, along with $2.00 to cover the cost of the certificate and postage to:

    Custodian, Dick Maguire VE4HK
    c/o Winnipeg Senior Citizens Radio Club Inc.
    598 St. Marys Road
    Winnipeg, MB
    R2M 3L5

    I am looking for former winners of the Worked all Winnipeg Award, to complete our records. If you have won the award, please E-mail me , with your name, your certificate number, and the date on the certificate.

    To view our list of past winners of the Worked all Winnipeg Award, Click here!

    Send your comments or questions regarding the WAWA to Dick Maguire, VE4HK, at VE4HK@RAC.CA

    Thank you


Winnnipeg Amateur Radio Club