2021 Manitoba Marathon Volunteer Information ...

by, Jeff Dovyak, VE4MBQ

The 2021 Manitoba Marathon is SUN 05 SEP 2021. Our volunteer briefing is scheduled for TUE 31 AUG 1900h at Crescentwood Community Club 1170 Corydon Avenue. Although the briefing starts at 1900h, material pick-up starts at 1815h. If you are volunteering with us this year but can't attend the 31 AUG briefing please let us know who will attend to pick up your stuff. Monitor the MRS Net SUN 29 AUG to ensure that the in-person briefing is going to happen.

The Full and Half Marathons with a limited number of Relay teams will be run on the half-marathon course (so twice around for Full Marathon participants). Planning meetings have just started so I don't have as much info as I usually would 3 months before Race day. Last participants across the finish line could be approximately 1430h so we each may well have a longer day than in "normal" times.

To recap, if you are not able to attend the briefing please let us know in advance by e-mail who is attending in your place to get your stuff.

We need all borrowed equipment returned as soon as possible. On Race Day loaner traffic vests & HTs should be turned over to the Course Closing Vehicle as it passes by (it is manned by Amateurs).

Please read the Marathon Code Of Conduct before completing this form - 2021_volunteer_code_of_conduct_COVID_Titled.pdf

Please fill out and submit this form as completely as possible

Call Sign
Given Name
Postal Code
Home Phone #
E-Mail Address
Work Phone #
Cell Phone #
Race Day Phone #
Shirt Size
Have you Volunteered for the Marathon in previous years?

If yes indicate which years
Previous Positions
Be specific as possible eg Medical on
course, Mile 10, Ski Patrol group etc
Have you read and agree to the Marathon Code of Conduct?


You will receive an e-mail confirming we have received your information.

If you prefer to submit the form in a Word Document, please read the Marathon Code Of Conduct - 2021_volunteer_code_of_conduct_COVID_Titled.pdf -before completing the Word Document form Click Here - to download, complete, and e-mail back to Jeff VE4MBQ ve4mbq@mymts.net

Read the 2017 Manitoba Marathon Report - Click Here

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