Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club OSCAR Award

The OSCAR award is presented to a deserving member of the Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club Inc. It is typically awarded for long term outstanding performances. It has been awarded since 1977.

In 1977, the club wished to honour Alex Henderson VE4GH, who had made coffee for the WARC meetings, seemingly forever, with no fanfare. The executive of the day first thought of a certificate of thanks. After some debate, we decided to go all out, and have a plaque made up for Alex. After more debate, the executive decided to award a plaque to a deserving ham, annually. The next problem was deciding the best title for the plaque

In 1977, OSCAR satellites were just coming into their own. Also, the night of the executive meeting was the same night as those other OSCARS in Hollywood were handed out. All that was left was to decide what the acronym OSCAR would stand for. We finally decided Outstanding Service Concerning Amateur Radio.

Back then, the WARC executive met monthly at member’s homes. It was a tradition to bring a bottle of wine, the first time visiting a home. That bottle of wine may have influenced our decision.

2021 OSCAR Award Recipient Ruth Mills VE4XYL

Presented by Drew VE4DRW (Left) and John VE4VJR (Right)

List of OSCAR Winners...

1977-78 Alex Henderson VE4GH - -Making coffee for WARC meetings-
1978-79 Terry Watling VE4ADA - -Teaching WARC amateur classes
1979-80 Ron Place VE4PL - Convincing CBC to allow VE4MAN repeater onto CBC Starbuck tower
1980-81 Tom Blair VE4MJ - Maintaining local amateur repeaters
1981-82 Gil Frederick VE4AG - QUA (newsletter) editor
1982-83 Bill Bowman VE4AFO - Work on Blue Book (comprehensive listing of all amateurs in Manitoba)
1983-84 Terry Green VE4AJA - QUA newsletter editor
1984-85 Jack Gannon VE4AJG - Creating spreadsheet for WARC finances
1985-86 John Gowron VE4ADS - Long term service on WARC executive
1986-87 Dick Maguire VE4HK - Long term service organizing Special Events
1987-88 Ed Henderson VE4YU - long term service organizing public displays
1988-89 Bill Bowman VE4UB - Continued work on Blue Book
1989-90 Yori Tsuji VE4ACX - Long term work on repeaters in Manitoba
1990-91 Tom Hardy VE4AKI &
Bob Byrne VE4ADE
- Long term WARC amateur class instructors
1991-92 Jim Townsend VE4CY - Long term WARC Newscaster editor
1992-93 Witold Kinsner VE4WK - Re-organizing University of Manitoba Club
1993-94 Not awarded -  
1994-95 Not awarded -  
1995-96 Jim Ross VE4AJR - Long term service to Amateur Radio
1996-97 Rick Lord VE4OV - Long term WARC amateur class instructor
1997-98 Derek Hay VE4HAY - Long term Newscaster editor
1998-99 Jeff Dovyak VE4MBQ - Long term service to Amateur Radio
1999-2000 Ruth Mills VE4XYL & Tom Mills VE4SE - Long term service to Amateur Radio
2000-01 Not awarded -  
2001-02 Adam Romanchuk VE4SN - Long term Manitoba Incoming QSL Bureau Manager
2002-03 Glen Napady VE4GWN - Long term service to Amateur Radio
2003-04 Bert Andrews VE4AND - Long term service to Amateur Radio
2004-05 Not awarded -  
2005-06 David Rosner VE4DAR - Long term service teaching and organizing WARC Amateur Radio classes
2006-07 John Foster VE4JNF - Long term service to Amateur Radio
2007-08 Derek Hay VE4HAY - Chairman of 2008 WARC Hamfest
2008-09 Not awarded -  
2009-10 Not awarded -  
2010-11 Murray Ronald VE4RE - Long term service to Amateur Radio
2011-12 Not awarded -  
2012-13 Ellis Seddon VE4AJO - Long term service maintaining local repeaters
2013-14 Rob Striemer VE4SHS - Developing a Telebridge station at Shaftesbury High School, so students around the world can communicate with the International Space Station via Amateur Radio
2014-15 Adam Romanchuk VE4SN - Long term service to Amateur Radio
2016 - Not awarded -  
2017 - Derek Hay VE4HAY - Long term service to Amateur Radio
2018 - Mark Blumm VE4MAB - WARC long term newsletter editor
2020 - Walter Bezpalko VE4VB - Long term service maintaining local epeaters and other amateur radios
2021 - Ruth Mills VE4XYL - Long term service to amateur radio


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