CW Code Course 1 - Now Accepting Registrations ...

WARC is pleased to offer a hands-on CW training course for 2018. Learn to send and receive clear code. Learn the basics of operating on the HF bands as a real code warrior. Be confident as you sit down in front of your shiney new CW station.

The course will run from 9 January to 27 February, Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm in the Seniors Club (598 St. Mary’s Rd.) Expect about an hour per night, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Most nights students will have a chance to listen to real CW ops live on the radio (propagation allowing) and CW Ops Elmers will be available on some evenings live or by Skype. Remote operation may also be possible.

The sign-up will appear on the WARC website soon, please use the form there even if we have already spoken. Payment of $40 can be taken online, or by cash/cheque at the first lesson.

Prerequisite for this course is an amateur radio licence with HF privileges. Maximum number of students is 8, but a wait-list will be maintained.

No-code students will have precedence, but the rusty are welcome if they can bring their own paddles and keyers.

E-mail David VE4DLA at [email protected] for further information.

To register On-Line or download a PDF registration form - Click Here


Winnnipeg Amateur Radio Club